Conditions of participation

Dear Data Hackers,

challenge yourself and dare a competition with other

data geeks and experts in the world of data science!

Who can join?

All students and young professionals are welcome! This includes university undergraduates, graduate students, and young professionals active in data science, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and data engineering.

Required qualifications:

• You need to be at least 18.

• Be an enthusiastic data lover and coding expert.

• Program skills like python or R is your daily bread.

• Students or young professionals are gettign tickets for a special prive.

• Be a single player or multiplayer; you can participate up to 5 members in a group.

• Dare to try! Don’t be afraid to failure.

• Have fun and make new friends

Of course we will provide you with lunch, drinks and snacks for the whole Hackathon.

As some of you will travel from other cities to Berlin, we have created

Read more about the Data Recharge Space {DRS}, HERE.


Questions? Send us a mail: hackathon@datahackerdays.com